Experts in exec search and recruitment from ‘non-recruiters’

We don’t recruit. We connect. We pride ourselves on producing highly relevant talent matches. There's no recruitment-style CV shuffling here. The shortlist we send you is closely mapped to the specific cultural landscape of your workplace, combined with the precise experience and expertise you're looking for to fuel your business goals and delivery on your strategy.

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Exec searches that produce highly relevant talent, fast.

There are no absent senior partners here. Our hands-on partners and team are dedicated to finding the ideal talent to round out your executive team. We aren’t juggling twelve clients at a time with juniors doing the work. Our personal approach makes us intentionally available to only one client engagement per sector at a time. You will always be our priority, and during this process we become embedded in your business, your culture and your goals.

This approach delivers the best talent hire every time, from a shortlist of exceptional choices.

I’ve worked with Claude in executive search across a variety of different businesses and industry contexts and he has a more intuitive understanding of capability and culture fit than anyone I’ve worked with before. He listens carefully to the brief, works fast, but thoroughly, and he delivers.

Annie Schmidt, Executive Director People & Safety, Compass Group Australia

A personal, thorough and experienced approach to securing executive talent in your industry

We take the time to understand your business and the global market for C-suite and executive talent in your industry.

Claude was the executive search consultant that placed me in my current role as General Manager Investor Relations at an ASX 20 company. He was professional, transparent and easy to work with. He responded quickly and accurately to all my questions, and briefed me regularly on developments in the process.

James Coghill, General Manager Investor Relations, Aristocrat

Claude translates his deep understanding of the business needs into his search for the right candidates. There is no question he can find the right people for the job, spanning right across the Australian talent pool.

Dr Robert Marshall, Chief Strategy Officer, St Vincent's Health Australia

We never tire of hearing that our exec search process has secured "one of the best hires I've ever made" 

  1. Availability & access to senior partners

    We don’t need to tell you that exceptional talent at the C-suite level can’t be reliably sourced from a database search.

    The quality of all of research and shortlists’ is higher because all of the candidate’s have been sought by senior staff, where real conversations are happening early for a highly nurtured and culturally aligned talent fit.

    That’s why we only take on one client per sector at a time. So you get the undivided attention of senior partners from our pre-engagement meeting right through to the hiring of the newest addition to your executive leadership team.

  2. Investment in clients and candidates

    Our personal approach gives us a deeper understanding of talent vs just hiring for a role. And the time we invest in our clients gives us a deeper understanding of the business than your standard executive search consultant.

    We invest the time to nurture relationships with individuals and to deeply understand the nuances of your organisation, your culture, what drives value, and what drives results for your business.

    This process makes for highly relevant and quality talent matches and a final candidate who will have a massive impact on your leadership team and the regional or global business.

  3. Refined process full of rigor and attention to detail

    Our getting-to-know-you ‘pre-meeting’ prior to a formal engagement is just the beginning of our efforts to get to know your business.

    We have a market-leading approach to executive search and run engagements using a proven process to drive consistency in outcomes. 

    Our systematised process means we leave no stone unturned in understanding your unique talent needs. And every quality contact is approached personally for faster connections between not only a role and a match, but the pairing of passion for your vision.

  4. First-hand executive experience means we 'get it'

    We know your business and the roles you’re hiring for because we’ve performed in those roles. We have experience with how leadership teams work in everything from global behemoths like IBM, Accenture, Unilever, Novartis and Walmart to medium privately held businesses to understand what does and doesn’t work in a corporate leadership team.

    A lot of people in executive search have started in recruitment. Recruiters are all about volume and sales, and they generally don’t have deep corporate experience or a real knowledge of the client’s business.

    We know our experience sets us apart; clients and candidates alike appreciate the connection with an expert who deeply understands their world.

  5. Diversity beyond a tick-box

    Data tells us that the most effective—and profitable— teams in any business are those that are proactively diverse, equitable and inclusive. Yet, a tick-box approach to DEI isn’t enough to bring in the right candidate.

    Our deep integration into your business, with a wide angle lens from the outside allows us to spot blindspots and recognise opportunites in available talent. Our talent matches are assessed on their fit not only for the skills required for the job, but for the ideas they can add as a valuable contribution to your executive team.